In-House SEO Specialist Or SEO Agency: Which One Is Right For You?

In-House SEO Specialist Or SEO Agency: Which One Is Right For You?

Many businesses don’t know which direction to follow when choosing between hiring an in-house SEO specialist and entrusting the job into the professional hands of a top-notch SEO agency. 

Of course, no one can say one better than the other on a general note. It all depends on individual expectations, financial capacity, and other factors. 

Before making your verdict, we will advise you to clearly state your SEO goals, objectives, budget, and expectations. All that will help you to decide whether to employ an in-house SEO specialist or hire an agency to handle the campaign.

When choosing between an seo agency and a specialist, it is necessary to consider both options’ expertise, expenses, and resources. That’s how to select the option that best suits your business.

Honestly, your search should not be about going for the better option between an SEO agency and an in-house SEO specialist. It must be about choosing the right one to help you achieve your business vision and mission statement.

Mind you, this article doesn’t aim to choose for you. Instead, we have helped you conduct thorough research to present the two options with a balanced view. In short, we will give you the pros and cons of hiring SEO agencies and SEO specialists, then leave you with the option to choose according to your business objectives.

In-House SEO Specialist Or SEO Agency: Which One Is Right For You?

Who’s an In-house SEO specialist?

This personnel is an individual you employ in your company to work as part of the team managing your SEO campaign. If you are a full-grown business empire, you can afford to hire an entire group of SEO specialists. However, a startup business would prefer to employ one SEO specialist with the required experience to deliver the best.

`Pros of Hiring In-House SEO Specialist

  • Brand Knowledge

An in-house SEO specialist will get familiar with your business correctly. He will have a more profound knowledge of your brand’s vision, missions, core values, and objectives. Since he works as a staff member, he would understand the culture and standards of the company and know how to promote the company’s value more than an SEO agency.

An in-house SEO specialist will know the exact needs of your business and draw a marketing strategy out of an informed mind to take your business to the next level.

  • Team Spirit

An in-house SEO specialist will work with a more concerned mindset than an SEO agency because the company’s progress affects him directly. Conversely, an SEO agency might not handle your project with ultimate concern. Since there would be some projects from other companies on the table, there is no chance they will treat your project with more concentration.

Also, it is easier to communicate any issue on the SEO results with an in-house specialist than with an agency. In SEO, communication is key to quick and great success. So, having your SEO personnel sit in your office every day might be an added advantage.

  • Maximum concentration

An in-house SEO specialist cannot pair your company’s SEO campaign with another. That means he would focus mainly on how to generate traffic to your website and convert visits to physical patronage. Also, he will have the time to do everything necessary to make your business relevant on major search engines.

Since all he does is your business, an in-house SEO specialist will always report every early warning sign and suggest the proper quick response to get things on the right track. But, an SEO agency might be handling more than your job at the same time. So, the concentration on your SEO projects can be minimal. 

Cons of Hiring In-House SEO Specialist

  • Reduced capacity

An SEO campaign is not always a one-person task. Of course, a versatile and experienced SEO specialist can pull a few strings alone. Yet, he can’t cover every other aspect appropriately. SEO involves content creation, link building, auditing, technical fixes, and more. Understandably, one person cannot do all these tasks efficiently, like if we have a group of people with access to every tool and connection necessary for the job. 

In-House SEO Specialist Or SEO Agency: Which One Is Right For You?

Indeed, you can hire an in-house team of SEO specialists. But, it can be more expensive than hiring an agency in the long run. Remember, the team would be on your payroll for a long time.

  • Difficulty in keeping staff 

Not many employees want to stay with a company when another business is bidding for higher pay. So, one of the biggest challenges in hiring an in-house specialist is that they are hard to keep. In-house SEO specialists are not advisable to handle a long-term SEO project because you are not sure they will stay the next month. 

Aside from the possibility of keeping them, it is also hard to find an in-house SEO specialist as most good ones prefer to work for SEO agencies.

What’s an SEO Agency?

An SEO agency is a body of experts with vast knowledge of search engine optimization at its best. An agency constitutes SEO consultants, content creators, social media marketers, PPC experts, technical members, and more.

Having built a vast capacity, an SEO agency can offer a wide range of SEO services that suit all business goals and objectives. They can perform any task whatsoever to achieve the desired results.

Pros of Hiring an SEO Agency 

  • Great Expertise

SEO agencies have almost everything it takes to make a business prominent and relevant in search results. Agencies employ only professionals with vast knowledge of their respective fields. Your business will undoubtedly benefit from the team’s collective expertise, guaranteeing excellent results. 

  • Detailed report and analysis 

A competent SEO agency knows how to analyze data in detail, which could allow your business to grow. Also, an SEO agency has a collection of necessary tools, resources, and kills to provide on-time, regular updates about your website’s performance on relevant search results.

  • Teamwork

Hiring an agency amounts to employing a team of SEO experts. But, it is more cost-effective. An SEO agency will use excellent strategies to boost the performance of your website through solid teamwork. Honestly, SEO works are more than one person’s work. 

Cons of Hiring an SEO Agency 

  • Expenses

If you are planning to hire a competent SEO agency, you must be ready to bring money out of your pocket. With that, I mean, you will have to set aside some amount of money to see the project through. Since you already know that an agency is a team of professionals, you must prepare your mind.

  • Little brand knowledge 

It takes an in-house SEO specialist to know your company’s core values and ultimate objectives. Although, you can create a time to discuss your SEO expectations extensively with the agency. Yet, they would still have to miss out on some core business objectives. 

Final Thoughts 

You, as an intelligent business owner, can determine whether to hire an in-house SEO specialist or an agency. Take a careful look at the above pros and cons to decide which option would suit your business better.

Local SEO Auditing Guide for a Startup SEO Agency

Local SEO Auditing Guide for a Startup SEO Agency

Local SEO is the real deal in every top-notch search engine optimization practice. As it stands presently, your experience and success stories in local SEO will determine whether businesses will hire you to handle their SEO campaign or not. 

 As a startup SEO agency, vast knowledge of local SEO can be your opportunity to become the most sought-after in the industry. It can also connect you to local clients and build a long-term business partner that profits both parties. 

Many highly rated businesses today are leveraging the efficiencies of local seo to drive more local patronage. In this age that people ask Google for anything they want can get around them at the moment, no business would want to miss your on local SEO. 

Any SEO agency that doesn’t know to launch a successful local SEO campaign is ‘competent.’ So, if you want to make it big even as a startup SEO agency, you need to be a pro in running local SEO campaigns.

What Is Local SEO Auditing?

Meanwhile, launching a local SEO is not as crucial as auditing it. When you conduct a local SEO audit, you give your clients peace of mind that their business is in good hands. During the audit, you will identify all the irregularities in the campaign and rectify every issue that might give your client’s competitors an advantage to perform better in local search results. 

Local SEO Auditing Guide for a Startup SEO Agency

However, local SEO auditing can be very challenging, especially if you are doing it for the first time. You need to consider a lot of stakes and factors to get the best results. For instance, you will need to take a systematic step-by-step approach to turn seemingly tedious work into a simple task. 

Note that you will have to regularly perform a local SEO audit since the local SEO algorithm changes frequently. 

Why you need to perform a local SEO audit

A local SEO audit is a detailed examination of everything that constitutes a local search strategy and pack ranking. That’s how you know if your client’s website is performing according to expectations or still needs to mush ups to look good. SEO audit will also help you to know on time if there have been some early warning signs that require a quick response.  

Local SEO will also help you to figure out why the website has gone down suddenly on rankings or has disappeared on search results pages.

You need to see a local SEO audit as a methodological health check as an SEO agency. It enables you to identify areas requiring specific attention without jumping to conclusions based on assumptions. Local SEO audit erases all guesswork, preventing you from spending money unnecessarily on what doesn’t count.  

And. it is a sole duty of an SEO agency because if anything goes wrong in the process, it may pose some damage to a website’s visibility and consequently affect the business. 

What are the core areas to consider during a local SEO audit?

A thorough local SEO audit must concentrate on the following areas:

  • Proximity: The distance (far or near) of the search user from the business.
  • Prominence: How much does the website pop up online? Does it have enough inbound links, reviews, article mentions, citations, etc.?
  • Relevance: How much is the business relevant to what users search?  

Other areas you must check when performing a local SEO audit include:

  • Rankings 
  • Local keyword research 
  • Links and website authority 
  • Google reviews 
  • Citations 
  • Google business profile 
  • Brand mentions 
  • Social media 
  • Reviews and ratings 
Local SEO Auditing Guide for a Startup SEO Agency

How to Perform a Thorough Local SEO Audit 

1. Look out for Google penalties 

When Google penalizes the website you are working on, you have a crucial issue at hand. Indeed, a Google penalty can severely affect your SEO hero performance, limiting the website on the search rankings. 

Generally, when you find out the website has dropped in ranking, it could mostly mean that you have been penalized for irregularity or the other. Common reasons why Google may penalize your website include:

  • Poor quality content 
  • User0generated spam 
  • Unauthorized mobile redirects 
  • Unnatural link structure (to or from your website)

If Google has penalized the website, you will receive a notification in Google Search Console for confirmation. The notification will contain the details of your incorrect practice that led to the penalty. Then, you respond to the notification by fixing the problem at once.

2. Conduct thorough local SEO research 

The search terms used when searching for local businesses pops up frequently. Hence, you must perform keyword research regularly to keep up with the trend. You may use the Google Keyword Planner tool to discover relevant keywords that suit your client’s business. Also, the Google tool will provide some insights into significant search volume. You can open a Google Ads account for better productivity.

3. Check the local SEO rankings 

An experienced SEO agency must check where a website ranks for the target keywords. You will have to perform detailed searches from specific locations successfully. You can also use a rank tracker tool to automate the process.

4. Audit the links and website authority 

When conducting a local SEO analysis, you must be mindful of the quantity and quality of the links to and from your website. It is an essential local SEO ranking factor. 

During this process, you will have to:

  • Research the number of inbound links on your website
  • Decide whether the links come from an authoritative domain and check if they are relevant to the business location.
  • Assess anchor text for relevant keywords 
  • Identify the opportunities for organic link building 

5. Audit citations 

Google confirms what it knows about a business through local citations and uses it to increase prominence and relevance. Watch out for duplicate or inaccurate listings, as they can damage local search visibility and push local customers away. 

We advise you to check the top citation website for the business and verify all data are accurate. If you discover any irregularity in the process, fix it immediately.

6. Audit the Google business profile 

Google Business Profile is a tool that provides Google and the local customers with several helpful information about the business. When auditing, make sure you update all the necessary information on the business profile to increase your chance of increasing your local search presence. 

7. Check the reviews and rating 

Customers need assurance from a business before putting their money on the line. Whether they want to purchase products or services, they want to hear what previous customers say. Hence, it is essential to audit the reviews and ratings on the website to attract more customers and win traffic.

Check if there are recurring negative reviews. Note what the problems are and make sure you address the issues for better consumer satisfaction.

In Conclusion 

Proper local SEO auditing is your core practice as an SEO agency. If you can master your craft, your firm will attract more prominence and relevance in the SEO industry. This guide will help you conduct your first local SEO like a pro as a newbie in the industry. You will learn more about local SEO auditing as you gain experience in the field.

Risks in choosing an SEO Agency online

Risks in choosing an SEO Agency online

There’s nothing bad in thinking if there are risks in choosing an SEO Agency to help you work on your website online. In fact, one may not take it easy to comprehend or understand if one wants to run with the fact that the world is going digital. As you’re reading, you may be asking yourself, “if I don’t get an SEO Agency online, then where will I get one?”

It’s fine. We won’t leave you halfway. This write-up will be an eye opener to things you don’t know. Hence, let us start by saying the online platforms remain the best place to get your local seo agency to give your website a special treat. However, there are risks attached to it. 

Why do you need to know the risks in choosing an SEO Agency online? If you know these risks will help you to understand how to skip those errors and choose the best SEO Agency, even online. However, we already said we wouldn’t leave you without showing you a possible way out. 

Before we dive into the details, briefly discussing the meaning of SEO and SEO Agency would be friendly. Thus, dear reader, you have a role to play. Your part is to shun all interruptions and follow us closely. Related: In-House SEO Specialist Or SEO Agency: Which One Is Right For You?

What is SEO? 

SEO is a tactical way of maximizing or increasing those that’ll visit a website. Not only that, search engine optimization ensures that your products or services reach out to the right audience in your locality. It is a tool used to bring a site to outshine its contemporary. Furthermore, SEO is a tactical way of making a web page to be available on the first page on search engines. So, we can say that those websites you see flying on search engines like Google are there because a professional SEO Agency brushed them up. Then, small-scale business owners and prominent business owners can make their websites visible to their audiences by hiring a competent SEO Agency. 

Risks in choosing an SEO Agency online

What is SEO Agency?

SEO Agency is a Company that has undergone a series of training to make a website float on the front page of search engines for easy accessibility. They put in a lot of work to ensure that a site is available for people that search about it. With so much enthusiasm they put into work, they’ll ensure your website appears first on search engines to generate more traffic that’ll convert to sales.  

Risks in choosing an SEO Agency online

  1. Too many options to explore

The online market can get you confused. Also, search engines will provide multiple results. And this can get one confused. So, the chance of falling into the wrong hands is certain. In a situation whereby you want to get something, or you need information online, and the result of your search on search engines appears to be too much, you may find it so hard to choose the perfect one. Therefore, this case is not limited to getting an SEO Agency online. There are also fake and incompetent SEO hero agencies online. And they will also get mixed up with the competent ones. Hence, there are too many options to explore than mislead a website owner to get into the wrong hands. That is why you need to be ready to go the extra mile on getting an SEO Agency online. 

  1. The rankings online are not based on competency.

Several people have fallen into the wrong hands because they thought choosing a website that appears first on search engines also means that one has automatically selected the right company. Of course, some are lucky to see them get it right that way, while some people blame themselves. Then, the question one needs to ask is why. The rankings on search engines are not based on competency or the website’s consistency. Some websites are not on the first page of Google, but they are the best. People can attest to this. So, what makes a site rank on Google, for instance, is the effort of an SEO expert. This means if a website cannot provide adequate service, such a website could still be found on the first page of the search engine. Therefore, one of the disadvantages of getting an SEO Agency online is the tendency to fall into the wrong hands. 

Risks in choosing an SEO Agency online
  1. Scammers are too many online.

Because everyone is free to use online platforms to promote their products or services, fraudsters also use this opportunity to scam people. Have you heard about how an SEO Agency collected money to form a real estate investor without doing anything to the real estate website? Have you heard about how fraudsters scammed people online? Of course, there are news like that. Online platforms allow everyone to promote what they do. That is why there are millions of suggestions when you search for something online. Therefore, there are fake SEO Agencies online as well. Hence, one needs to be careful and take a step beyond the search. 

What are the things to do to avoid these risks?

There’s nothing much to do. But one should be ready to go beyond picking as suggested by search engines. Of course, the search engine will lead you to an official website. On that official website, you need to spend some time to check if you’re striking a deal with a competent SEO Agency or not. On their website, you need to check out for positive reviews and read about the SEO Agency before concluding on striking a business deal with them. 

These facts are hidden. And that is why some people are skeptical about placing orders for goods and services online. Search engines like Google need research and a lot of questioning before one places an order. If you do all that is mentioned here, you’ll tell a positive story. Once again, please don’t misquote us. The world has indeed gone digital, but you need to be careful. 


Dear reader, don’t take this information with fun. These facts are enough for you to run with. In this article, we explained the meaning of SEO and SEO Agency. Also, we discussed the risk of picking an SEO Agency online. Finally, we drop a hint on how to avoid those risks.